Nonjohn Concert Poster Archive

The First Public Performance Using the "Nonjohn" Name:

(May 6, 1994, Menlo Park, CA)

At the time of this performance, Nonjohn was a first-year medical student at Stanford.

(Sponsored by the Stanford Medical Students Association (SMSA))

(FLRC is a division of the Lane Medical Library at the Stanford University School of Medicine.)

The Palestine Steam Concert

(Held May 15, 2004, Texas State Railroad Depot, Palestine, TX)

The Funk You Concert

(Held December 7, 1988, Shriver Auditorium, Baltimore, MD)

(Note, Nonjohn intentionally misspelled his surname as "Tennyson" on materials related to this concert.)


The H.E.L.P. Concert

(Held March 31, 1988, Shriver Auditorium, Baltimore, MD)

(The H.E.L.P. Concert was conceived and produced by Nonjohn during his sophomore year at Johns Hopkins.  Nonjohn and other Musicians from throughout the Baltimore area performed in the concert to raise funds for AIDS research.  All proceeds were donated to the newly-formed Hopkins AIDS Institute.)

A Johns Hopkins Synthesizer Club Concert

(Held October 12, 1989)

(Nonjohn served as president of the Synthesizer Club while at Johns Hopkins.)

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