Nonjohn Newspaper Archive

This section of the Nonjohn website contains images of past newspaper articles pertaining to Nonjohn (AKA John Tennison).

First Album to Use the "Nonjohn" Name

(Article from September 23, 1995)

(Album was released June, 1995)

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Runs Nonjohn Article

(October 2, 1995)

Nonjohn's Music Perception Research at Stanford

(from May 11, 1994)

Nonjohn & Fellow Musician Sound Like "Five Piece Band"

(Remarkably, instrumentation for this performance involved only Nonjohn playing Boogie Woogie on a digital piano and his friend, Jeff Carpenter, manually playing an old Alesis Drum machine.  No sequencing of any sort was used.  The perception of a "five piece band" results from the polyrhythmic complexity of Boogie Woogie.)

(from April 13, 1990)

Nonjohn Mixes Music and Medicine

(from October 28, 1986, during Nonjohn's freshman year at Johns Hopkins)

Spotlight on Nonjohn's Original Electronic Music

(from October 20, 1989, during Nonjohn's senior year at Johns Hopkins)

(Note:  Despite article's title, "Tennyson" is an INCORRECT spelling of Nonjohn's born last name.  This mistake possibly resulted from a prank instigated by Nonjohn when he intentionally misspelled his name at his Funk You Concert. )

Commendation for Creativity

(from May 22, 1990, during Nonjohn's senior year at Johns Hopkins)

Spot in Texarkana Gazette during High School

(Senior Year, 1985-1986)

The Mind of a Young Scientist / The Soul of Tomorrow

(Article from July 13, 1986)

A Tradition of Creativity

(from April 16, 1984)

(Nonjohn won the Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award at this event for his portrayal of "Winston Smith" in a dramatic production inspired by George Orwell's 1984.)

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